Here are some things you may not know about  

Devangi is a 15 year old singer/songwriter from India. She is very talented and has a lovely voice with a resonating and attractive timbre. She started posting cover versions of songs in 2010 on sound cloud and then posted a few more on YouTube in 2011.

She loves singing and has grown up listening to different genres of music. Her father, Gaurav Chopra is a singer as well and Devangi aspires to be a singer, just like him. Her own talents began to emerge around the 5th grade in 2009, when she first recognized her vocal abilities while dabbling around with a karaoke track of the song ‘Naturally’ by Selena Gomez.

After uploading the song on sound cloud, she got a lot of positive feedback and this encouraged her to continue with her music. She then recorded ‘The Best Day’ by Taylor Swift and once again received many reviews asking her to upload more. She uploaded these covers on Reverbnation in 2011 and two videos of the songs she had sung on YouTube as well.

What sets Devangi apart is her ability to write her own songs and compose her own melodies. She has been writing songs since the 4th grade and had written her first song for her band with her school friends.

She recently performed at St.Andrews Audutorium, in a show called "The Christmas Express" with a group of singers called "The Singing Express" under a training program by Marianne D'Cruz.

She has recently also rendered the cover of 'Dark Horse' by Katy Perry and is currently working on more cover versions and her debut album.